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  • Doctors dealing with Infants and Neonatal

  • Maternity hospitals

  • Hospitals

  • Dispensaries

Available in various sizes/brand

Body Weight Scales

Baby cum Adult Scale has a Stainless Steel Full-Size Platter. This scale has a platform for Adults as well as a tray/Pan for Babies. Moreover, it has Anti-Drifting Feature along with TARE / ZERO Button. Also, it has 100% overload capacity with Bright LED Display. This Scale also has Water Resistant PCB. In addition, this Scale has Sturdy Steel Construction. It also has an Exclusive Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects. It has External Display Stand with a Double-Sided Display – Jumbo Green Display in the front and Big Green Display at the back. Most Importantly is Stamped by the Legal Metrology Department. Secondly, Battery Backup of At least 25 hours. Thirdly, Energy Efficient Motherboard. Adjustable. This Scale is Made in India.



  • Advanced Microprocessor Technology

  • Quick Response Time

  • Tare and Zero Functions

  • Auto Tracking Zero

  • Battery Back-up up to 25 hours

  • Auto Calibration facility

  • Optional printer facility

  • Bright LED display

  • Sleep Mode for extended Battery Life

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