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  • Jewellery

  • Counting of precious items such as pearls

  • Gemstone Weighing

  • Laboratories

Available in various sizes/brand

Laboratory Scales

This Laboratory Scale has Extreme Precision. Moreover, it has Anti-Drifting Feature along with TARE / ZERO Button. Also, it has 100% overload capacity.  Extremely High Precision Electronic Laboratory / Analytical Scales ideal for Science Laboratory, Medical Laboratory, Gemologist Sample/Standard Preparation, Formulation, Differential Weighing, Density Determination, Interval Weighing, etc. This Laboratory Scale is used for the precise determining mass of matter for weighing and measurements. Provides Glass Draft shield doors to prevent the environmental obstacle to deliver stable results. In addition, this Scale has Sturdy Construction. It also has an Exclusive Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects. Most Importantly is Stamped by the Legal Metrology Department. Secondly, Battery Backup of At least 25 hours. 



  • Extremely precise Loadcells

  • Suitable for very accurate readouts

  • Tare and Zero Functions

  • Auto Tracking Zero

  • Battery Back-up up to 25 hours

  • Auto Calibration facility

  • Optional printer facility

  • Sleep Mode for extended Battery Life

  • Casing to protect against wind drafts

  • Printer output is optional

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