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Weighing Bridge

The entire frame will be made of Heavy Duty IS 2062 Material. All Load-carrying structures will be designed keeping in mind 50% Overload capacity and will be of adequate section to avoid any deformation or deflection during the normal course of operation. The frame will be strong enough to withstand any Lateral and Longitudinal stress and strain, due to the vehicle coming from any direction which is Loaded up to 100% of its Full Load Capacity.
The entire frame will have two coats of Red Oxide Primer and Back Enamel Paint. The Top Deck will have ribs welded to it, to avoid skidding of vehicles. The entire structure will be coated with one Layer of Special Chemical Mixture and is Hydrophobic. It avoids the top Plate getting rusted in the Monsoons and is extremely resistant to Acid and other spills. This coating is especially necessary because owners of the Weighbridge would like to wash their Weighbridges regularly with detergents that could be harmful to the structure.

Available in various sizes/brand

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